On July 6, 1761, Gov. Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire granted a charter for the town of Saltash. The name was changed to Plymouth in 1797. During its 250 year history, the town was shaped by weather, disease, floods, topography, mineral mining, and the work ethic of early New England settlers bringing industry and farming to the area. Now fall, winter and summer tourism attracts people from all over the world. Today the community is a cross section of second home owners, retirees, and generational families. The scenic byway, Route 100 and 100A, take the traveler through some of the most beautiful scenery in Vermont, including lakes, forested hillsides and country stores. It is the birth place, boyhood home, Summer White House and burial site of President Calvin Coolidge.


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Plymouth Kingdom
Plymouth Union
Plymouth Notch
Frog City
Slack District
Five Corners
Lynds Hill
Pinney Hollow
Hale Hollow