Kingdon CemeteryKingdom Cemetery

Kingdom Cemetery

The Kingdom was the first European-American settlement in Plymouth, and this was the first graveyard in the town. It is the burial site of Deacon Daniel Clark, a Revolutionary War soldier and early pioneer settler of Plymouth.  The ground was very hard & stony, making it difficult to dig graves, and after 1817 when the Tyson-Pollard cemetery was established, fewer burials were made in the Kingdom cemetery. By the late 1800s there was hardly anyone still living in the Kingdom; many having moved downhill to Tyson where water power, Tyson Furnace Company and the main road through the valley were responsible for the village’s growing importance.

The Kingdom Cemetery is located 1.3 miles up the Kingdom Rd. (also known as the Tyson-Reading Rd) from Route 100. Watch for the marker on the left. The cemetery is on top of the hill.