We want your old newspaper clippings!  What's in your attic?

We want your old newspaper clippings! What’s in your attic?


Donate artifacts of Plymouth (old photos, memorabilia, books, diaries, gold panning implements, etc.). 

Do you have old photo albums or newspaper articles?  Are you wiling to share them with us?

Be willing to provide an oral history of your or your family’s experience in Plymouth.
Did you grandparents grow up in Plymouth?  What stories do they tell?   Can we record and share them?

If you have a genealogy of your family with Plymouth origins and are willing to share it with others.
We hope to become a resource for families looking to rediscover their history.   

If you are able to do any of the above, please notify us at info@plymouthvermonthistoricalsociety.org  or mail history to the Plymouth Historical Society, 68 Town Office Road, Plymouth, VT 05056.