Plymouth Historical Society Minutes

July 19, 2017

Plymouth Historical Society Museum

Present:  Dee Beckman, Joy Donnelly, Barbara Lurie, Kathy Lynds, Rhoda Moore, Betsy Tonkin, Midge Tucker

Call to order:  7:10 p.m.

Secretary’s Report:  Motion to approve seconded; no discussion.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of June 30, 2017——

CD $1,509.20 + $0.91 interest                                                           $1,510.11

General Checking                                                                               $4,676.02

Credits                        Memory Garden                      $325.00

Plymouth Album Sales               26.00

Donations                                    20.00

School Tag Sale                           77.00

            Total Credits                                                    $448.00

Debits              Memory Garden                      $682.46

Archival Supplies                        90.34

Dues—Vt. His. Society               50.00

Total Debits                                                     $822.80


Total General Checking                                                                      $4,301.22

Restricted Fund (Memory Garden)                            ($142.04)

Balance on Hand General Fund                                                         $4,159.18

Treasurer’s Report accepted as presented.


  1. Logo- Tim Sink’s design- reduced version: All approved, all done and ready.  Will look good on envelopes.
  2. Memorial Garden and street sign:
  3. bench plaque:  Plaque is being paid for by the Ludlow Senior Center.  This is in the works and will dedicate the garden to Eliza Ward.  The plaque will be attached to the center back of the garden bench, which will be taken inside in the winter.   Midge’s neighbor, Paul Machalaba, has agreed to mount the plaque on the bench.
  4. upkeep:  Midge is in charge of this and reports that the garden will need frequent weeding and             planting of annuals in the spring and possibly in the fall as well.  She will ask for helpers.
  5. Web site update- Betsy and Barb: Betsy and Barb will work further on this in August.
  6. Report on July 4th at Coolidge- school exhibit: The response from the public was very good with many  people visiting and donations received.  Barb and Betsy did further work on the foam board exhibit, and Barb hopes to work with census records and old school records to expand the information, including the dates individual schools were in session and the number of students enrolled.

Betsy reported that she and Bob Lambert were unable to find any evidence of the exact location of the Great Roaring Brook School after a 2-hour search.  They felt they were in the right vicinity, after finding a swampy area known to be near the school.  Today, the approximate location has to be accessed from the top of the Round Top Mountain road


  1. No more Vermont History Expositions will be held.
  2. Shaft from Tyson furnace—hole filled in off Dublin Road. This was done by Steve Heilner; the shaft is located on the Marrone property.  Betsy has before photos of the shaft.
  3. Betsy’s departure- new president? Betsy had a list of items for our consideration.
  4. She suggested having meetings 4 times a year with agendas
  5. Keeping a slate of officers or a slate of directors to run things.
  6. An executive board could function instead of a president and vice-president, along with the secretary and treasurer.  Our by-laws do not cover this and Betsy will contact Robert for his legal opinion as to the executive board, since we are a 501(C)3 organization.
  7. She also mentioned someone will need to be checking the Google phone on our website to answer queries.
  8. We will need to write a letter to the town in November requesting $400 for insurance coverage for the museum building to cover liability for someone falling or other mishaps.  We can look at past town reports to see how this was done previously.
  9. We will need another co-signer for the checking account.
  10. VPR pod cast on gold mining/panning in Plymouth—Betsy will email us a link so we can watch this.
  11. Sherburne Elementary School 5th grade teacher doing a history project next year—wants Plymouth history info. Jane Ramos from the Sherburne Library said that she would pass along Betsy’s contact information to the teacher, and he or she will get in touch should they want to access the Plymouth Historical Society.  Betsy will pass along any email contacts she gets on this to one of us.



  1. Reprint of Plymouth Album- just a few left—Many people have done updates, and it wouldn’t be too hard to reprint with the foundation there now. Tim Sink and Cassie Horner could do the reprint .  We do need to find the original pictures from the album before reprinting.   Barb and Melissa will try to meet with Helen Earle regarding  pictures of Five Corners that she might have.
  2. New banner and reprint of 1869 map for souvenir? Dee looked into this.  A new banner will cost $75 to reduce the size and correct wording.   We will reprint the map on paper similar to the Plymouth Charter paper, and we will not laminate the copies.  They will be the same size as in the 1869 map volume.



In August after Betsy talks with Robert.    Collection Committee will meet Saturday, August 12, from 10 to 3.