Plymouth Historical Society

May 18, 2017

Draft Minutes

Present: Kathy Lynds, Barb Lurie, Midge Tucker, Betsy Tonkin, Dee Beckman, Rhoda Moore

Welcome to new member Rhoda!

Call to order: 7 PM

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of March 23, 2017 were approved as corrected. Betsy will resend corrected minutes.


Treasurer’s Report

  1. CD balance with added interest: $1509.20
  2. general checking balance (unrestricted): $4375.52

Total credits: $448.00 (Memory Garden and memberships)

Total debits: $488.07 (engraving, postage, Gaylord Archival labeling kit supplies)

  1. restricted funds (Memory Garden balance: $300.50 (more bricks have been ordered)

The treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.


Old Business

  1. logo- a motion was made and seconded to accept Tim Sink’s logo design as the PVHS “official” logo. The motion carried unanimously. Tim will get us the reduced version soon.
  2. Memorial Garden and street sign- Midge reporting
  3.                 Program: Midge will contact Julie Dupont, Dan Churchill, Kathy Billings, Margo  Marrone and Eric Johnson about “reflections”; start time 2 PM

(meet at 1:30 to set up); refreshments to follow in Community Center; museum will be open during this time; folding chairs may be needed

Food: Betsy will purchase bottled water, ice tea (Arnold Palmer) ice tea-Shaw’s, Lemonade; Kathy Ly7nds will contact Karen Dwyer (Cookie Mama)

about cookies

Advertising: Betsy will post on the town data base, FPF, PP, web site and FB page

Bench will be wood/wrought iron; plaque to be placed on back of bench if possible

(“This garden is dedicated in loving memory of Eliza Ward”); wood will need yearly treatment with tongue oil; bench will be chained to the

tree for security

Bruce and Midge will clean out the garden, plant additions plants, set the ties and memorial bricks


Sign: will be ready this Friday; Larry will dig the holes to set the posts; letters  included in cost; Midge will ask Lauren to dedicate the new sign

Betsy will send email to road race coordinator to be diligent about clean-up of Community Center outdoor space



  1. Items for tag sale- items on shelf in cabinet, survey maps (Betsy will check old museum for duplicates), Ann Baker typewriter, history book. Betsy will tag and enter as PVHS vendor on Wed. – may use HS table
  2. web site update- Betsy and Barb will try to get to this this summer.
  3. community exhibit on cork boards- DONE! Thank you Collection Committee
  4. Irene update- HS now has the hard drive with all of the Irene Project material, plus legal documents from the project. This will need to be transferred to the HS computer and one or the other kept off site as a backup. ALL Historical Society material should be backed up and off site. We have several “clean” thumb drives for this purpose.


New Business

  1. Plow (side hill) found by Todd Menees near creek by Pine Lee: Betsy will email Todd and ask him to bring the plow for us to look at. Could go in “Industry” section if there is room.
  2. Coolidge Historic Site July 4: Consider serving tea and cookies in the “Tea Room;” no exhibit but banner, souvenirs (Betsy will contact Melissa about making more fans) and maybe some photos of other Plymouth historic sites
  3. Vermont Historical Society: yes- pay dues of $50; Midge will send a check
  4. Lincoln book: on ebay for $49.99; not many lookers; value diminished by library/name stickers/stamps; Woodstock used book seller may buy for $40

Betsy Tonkin, recorder

Next Meeting Date: July (date TBD)

Adjournment: 8:15 PM