Plymouth Historical Society Minutes

March 23, 2017


Call to order: 7 PM

Present:  Dee Beckman, Joy Donnelly, Barbara Lurie, Kathy Lynds, Betsy Tonkin, Midge Tucker

Secretary’s Report:  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Accepted as read.

Beginning Balance                                       Transaction                                              Ending Balance


CD                                          $1,507.48                                      Interest  $0.87                           $1,508.35


General Checking      $3,809.82


Memberships and Donations                                          $370.00

Town Appropriation 2016-2017                                     $400.00

Memory Garden                                                                $200.00                    

Total Credits                                                      $970.00



New checks & deposit stamp                                         $- 46.18

Postage (Irene)                                                                 $- 17.55

Total Debits                                                      $- 63.73


Restricted                                                                   –250.00  Memorial Garden




                                                     Total Unrestricted Funds:      $5,974.44


Midge moved the checking account from People’s Bank to Berkshire Bank.  When working on the audit, Mike Clarke and Robert Fishman advised moving the CD to Berkshire Bank also, but in terms of the interest rate, it was actually higher at People’s Bank, so Midge left the CD in People’s Bank.

Memberships:    On going.


  1. Logo – Tim Sink’s design – discussion: Midge and Betsy each had a slightly different print-out of the design; Midge’s was clearer and in color, and we preferred that look.  Betsy will contact Tim to see if he can also do a smaller version of that view as well for a logo.
  1. Memorial Garden – Midge:  So far, 9 bricks have been ordered.  Instead of mounting the plaque on a stone in the garden, Midge suggested placing it on the garden bench.  She will check on the cost to do this.  Pressure-treated 2x4s will be needed to surround the memorial bricks to keep them aligned.

Eric Johnsen donated his time to trim the trees in front of the school and the garden.   Joy will send him a thank you letter.

The presentation of the garden will be held on Monday, May 29 at 2 p.m.  Since the community center is hosting a flea market this weekend, this time was chosen for the least conflict with that event.  We decided to ask folks who knew Eliza well to speak briefly, and Midge will contact Eliza’s niece about the event.

  1. Sale of museum items at the Memorial Day Flea Market:  We will place a few of our items on the big tables and not have our own table.
  1. Street sign – Midge:  Midge presented a photo of the possible final look of the sign, which has a very historic/colonial look.  This design calls for a 16 foot tall sign that is 96 inches across.  It will have “Plymouth Community Center” at the top and under that 2 smaller signs for PHS and the child care center.  Each will have a blank space to add days and open hours.  This particular design will cost around $3,875.  Midge will also get another estimate, and she will be presenting this information to the select board at their next meeting, which is March 27.
  1. Horton Mill- Harootunian? No.

6 . Web site update – Betsy and Barb:  On going.

  1. Community exhibit on cork board s- before Memorial Day?  The collections committee will replace this exhibit on one of their Saturday work days.
  1. Re-do banner and reprint 1869 map – Dee: Dee spoke with Awesome Graphics, who made the original banner, and found that they still have our design in their computer.  They can do a smaller, 3 x 3 foot banner for $60 with $20 to do the information revisions required.  However, we feel that we want a rectangular shape.

Discussion followed on what size to print the 1869 map, what type of paper to use, and what to price it at.


  1. Kathy Lynds is seeking original benches from the Notch School.   Discussion on who to contact, who might know where any of these might be, as 2 possible storage spaces had fires.
  1. Coolidge Historic Site July 4th –  ideas for exhibit. This was tabled until our next meeting.
  1. Bolt on front door to be removed. This has been done.  The bolt was not up to code for fire exits.
  1. School photos to Diane Kemble – Joy.  Diane is working with Kathy Lynds on creating children’s clothes for the Notch School for visitors to put on.  She would like copies of any early pictures we have of children at any Plymouth school house.

Next Meeting Date:  Thursday, May 18, at 7 p.m.

Adjournment:  8:25 p.m.

Joy Parker Donnelly