Plymouth Historical Society

January 12, 2017

Draft Minutes

Present: Kathy Lynds, Barb Lurie, Midge Tucker, Betsy Tonkin

Call to order: 7 PM

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of November 17, 2016 were approved as corrected

Treasurer’s Report

  1. report on bank change- Irene account and checking account at Peoples Bank have been closed and balances transferred to a single checking account at Berkshire Bank. The CD remains at Peoples. Awaiting new checks.
  2. account balances: Berkshire checking account: $3809.82 (see treasurer’s report)

Peoples CD: $1507.48

Memberships: only 7 memberships to date

Discussion: Future of PVHS

It has become increasingly apparent that interest in the Historical Society is dwindling as evidenced by decreased memberships and participation. After some discussion, it was decided that the main focus of the Society should be to preserve and maintain the assets entrusted to it. Therefore, in keeping with our mission but realizing our limitations, the members present decided to have quarterly meetings (more frequent if needed for an event), exhibit at Coolidge Historic Site just on July 4th, plan one event/program per year and have open hours in the summer by appointment only or when the Community Center is having a special event or program. Time, energies and money will be channeled primarily towards digitizing, organizing and maintaining the assets within the museum. The Collection Committee is considering hiring some help this summer for data entry.

Old Business

  1. re-do banner and reprint 1869 map (large/small formats-laminated?)- Dee
  2.                 For3x3 banner: $63.00 plus $20.00 for revisions to template- not discussed
  1. logo- discussion with Tim Sink; decided that he would create same logo but in a more linear fashion and with a photo style image for increased clarity; name would have an “older” font; he will let us know when he has an image to show us
  2. Memorial Garden and street sign- still under consideration and planning; Midge indicated that both would be ready for Memorial Day; she will present the idea of the garden at the town meeting as an indicator of interest so pavers can be ordered; Betsy will contact Bob Lambert about finding an appropriate stone upon which the dedication plaque ((to Eliza Ward) could be affixed. The HS members will help with the garden preparation when needed. Proposal for the sign needs to be presented to the select board for approval and Jim Allen for zoning approval.
  3. web site update- Betsy and Barb met with Jen Flaster for a tutorial on how to add material to the site. They will meet soon to start the process.
  4. community exhibit on cork boards- volunteer; not addressed
  5. Irene update- HS will soon have the hard drive with all of the Irene Project material. This will need to be transferred to the HS computer and one or the other kept off site as a backup. ALL Historical Society material should be backed up and off site. We have several thumb drives for this purpose.                                                                      

New Business

  1. approve audit: can’t be accomplished until Mike and Rober find a time to meet together with Midge and all of the documents…hopefully soon. Betsy will follow up.
  2. dates for Coolidge Historic Site: it was decided that July 4th would be the only date to exhibit. Betsy will inform Bill. Subject of exhibit TBD
  3. Program for the spring- Memorial Garden and sign dedication? This will be the only program for 2017 sponsored by the Historical Society. The dedication will be planned for Memorial Day weekend, the same day as the Town-wide Tag Sale. It may be combined with a tour of Horton’s Mill- Harootunian, Rick’s Rd., across the street.


Next Meeting Date: March (date TBD)

Adjournment: 8:30