Plymouth Historical Society Minutes

August 18, 2016

Present:  Mike Clarke, Joy Donnelly, Barb Lurie, Kathy Lynds, Betsy Tonkin, Midge Tucker

Call to order: 7:02 p.m. by President Betsy Tonkin

Secretary’s Report:   The motion was made and seconded to accept the report as distributed.  So voted.

Treasurer’s Report:   As of July 31, 2016—

                CD Beginning $1,504.83;                                                                CD Ending $1,504.83

General Checking Beginning $3,799.19

Credits $3.00 deposit

Debits $17.99 to Barb for materials

General Checking Ending $3,784.20

Total Unrestricted Funds                                                                                                                    $5,289.03

Irene Account Beginning $1,2221.60                               Ending           $1,221.60

Total Restricted Funds                                                                                                                                              $1,221.60

The motion was made and seconded to accept as presented.  Betsy mentioned that $800 would be coming out of the Irene Account for the mastering and burning of the DVDs.  Ultimately all of this account will be used.

Memberships:  None


follow up on tasks for film event; please have status report:

Advertising– Betsy: EDDM; Vt Standard article by Cassie—Cassie’s article to come out soon; Betsy is preparing an every door direct mailing to go out next week, but none will go to Tyson or the Kingdom.


Program–Barb: content (gifts in kind, price of DVD, Wyldon violin, ???)—Betsy and Barb will merge their info to produce 2 copies of the program, one for Saturday and one for Sunday.  These will be folded programs.

Betsy will be picking up the DVDs on Friday in Burlington.  After discussion, a motion, second, and a vote, the price will be $10.  150 will be printed, and after bills are paid and a master DVD made, each copy would cost us about $3.  Complementary DVDs will go to the interviewees, and these will need to be labeled.  The DVD runs 76 minutes, including the credits.

Paper inserts for the DVDs will have to be folded and inserted into the cases.  This will need to be done Friday afternoon after Betsy returns from Burlington with the DVDs.

Food-Joy:  We’ll need 4 of the narrow tables to put together in pairs.  We’ll have ice water in pitchers, lemonade, iced tea, veggie platters and sweet treats.  Midge will make several dips, Barb will bring bowls for serving the dip with ice, Kathy, Joy and Betsy will bring veggies and cookies.   Joy will pick up paper goods in Rutland.

Set up/clean up: Bruce, Robert, Mike, Russ   time to be there?  Saturday p.m.

HS table- Midge: memberships, donation jar and sale of DVDs; also musician CDs location?  Midge and Bruce will be seated at a table outside the room with the ticket list, and a stamp for hands.  No actual tickets will be used.

RSVP numbers for Sunday; tickets and roster, door management—Saturday is full with 98, Sunday count is 46.

  1. Collection Committee update; old plow donation?  Deferred to a later date.
  1. Community Center Sign:  Midge talked with Lauren and made a VTRANS call—that person was on vacation.  They will get back to Midge on the size of the sign and the letters for the best visibility.  She is suggesting a sign like that of the Woodstock Congregational Church.  It has a curved top between 2 posts.  The top sign would be “Plymouth Community Center”, and there would be lines/signboards below to list PHS and other occupants.  There would removable letters/numbers to list open times on a separate board below the PHS and other listings.
  1. approve revised by-laws (attached):  The motion was made and seconded to accept them as revised.  There was no discussion and all were in favor.
  1. re-do banner and reprint 1869 map (tabled until Sept.):  NO NOTES ON THIS AT THIS MEETING.
  1. logo- see attached: Tabled at this time to see a smaller version of this gold panner design which will be reproduced as part of the DVD package insert.
  1. genealogy requests: Midge is working on the Cilley request; Kathy checked on the Lynds cemetery stone; Joy responded to the Brown request.


  1. Apple Fest Oct. 1st 10-4:  Do we want to exhibit?  Yes.  We would like to be in the school house with our school house exhibit.
  1. Liza Ward Memorial Garden: This was discussed.  Midge suggested enlarging the circular garden on the lawn, planting bulbs in the fall, and selling bricks to engrave to surround the bed.  Mike will donate a teak garden bench for this area if we want it.
  1. Renew LPCTV membership?  The fee would be $50.  This was approved.
  1. Venue for selling DVDs in the future?  We need to think about how to do this after the premier.  Will we use Pay Pal?    A system is needed.
  1. Updates on our website needed.   Betsy, Barb and Robert are the administrators of our site.  Tabled until the fall.

Museum Rota

Sept 3rd—Betsy

Sept 10th—Joy

Sept. 17th—Dee

Sept. 24th—Barb

Next Meeting Date:  Thursday, September 15 at 7 p.m.


Joy Donnelly, Secretary