Plymouth Historical Society Minutes

November 17, 2016

Present:  Dee Beckman, Joy Donnelly, Kathy Lynds, Betsy Tonkin, Midge Tucker

Call to order: 7 PM by President Betsy Tonkin

Secretary’s Report:   Moved to accept the September 22, 2016 Minutes

Moved to accept the October 20, 2016 Minutes

Treasurer’s Report:  As of October 31, 2016

                CD Beginning Balance—$1,506.17

Interest Earned—  $0.44                                                                               Ending Balance—$1,506.61

General Checking Beginning Balance—$3.784.20

Credits—$ 80.00


Ending Balance—$3,444.32

TOTAL UNRESTRICTED FUNDS                                                                $4,950.93

Irene Account Beginning Balance—$133.18



Ending Balance—$   223.12


                                                                         $    223.12           


  1. HS, CD and Irene accounts—See above
  1. Reimbursements?  There are 2 left to pay (Joy and Barb).
  1. Change banks?  After discussion, plans were made to move the PHS accounts from the Peoples Bank in Ludlow to the Berkshire Bank in Ludlow.  Both Betsy and Midge reported difficulties dealing with our accounts at the Peoples Bank.
  1. Treasurer will communicate with secretary when donation requires written thank you: Betsy has used the following guide lines for donation acknowledgements: up to a $25 donation is acknowledged by email, and anything $50 or more has received a written thank you letter.   Midge will write thank you letters for any donations to the memorial garden.
  1. Close Irene account?  Betsy has paid LCPTV $180, which is the 15% in their contract for video production of all sales for 1 year.  They feel they are owed nothing further.

Membershipsmembership appeal letter?  Only 1 new member joined at the Irene video showings.  In the past, Betsy has sent out a letter in January to anyone who has ever been a member.  She will do another appeal letter in January, 2017 to the town data base and the local Historical Society list.

Old Business

  1. Collection Committee update– volunteers to assist over the winter?  This work is on going.  We decided not to enlist volunteers for the winter, but are hoping to meet on some Saturdays to get longer time frames to complete archiving the collection.
  1. Re-do banner and reprint 1869 map (large/small formats-laminated?)- volunteers? Dee volunteered to talk to Awesome Graphics, who did the original banner.  It needs some changes—Achsa Sprague’s last name is spelled incorrectly, and the web site needs to be changed.  Discussion centered on the size of the new banner, which needs to be smaller.  Discussion on the 1869 map—needs to be printed in the same size, as much information would be too small to read otherwise.
  1. Logo- discussion—everyone felt it should be made clearer with less black in the design.  Betsy will go back to Tim Sink to see what he can do with it.
  1. Memorial Garden and street sign update

                Memorial Garden:  Midge has located bricks that can be engraved with black ink per the purchaser’s request.  They are 8 inches by 8 inches, and can contain up to 4 lines of 20 characters each.  They will sell for $25.50 each.  Midge has already received 2 $50 donations for the garden, as well as a call from a donor offering to pay for a bench for the garden.

Street Sign:  Midge’s contact at the State of Vermont road sign department has to look at the laws for road signs and get back to her.

  1. Web site update- Betsy:  Jen Flaster will help with additions and updates over the winter.
  1. Irene- Betsy (LPCTV airing on affiliate networks,  new order in):  There are over 50 CD’s on hand.
  1. Audit- Mike and Robert mid-January

New Business

  1. Memory Tree Christmas lighting Dec. 18th- HS open house with refreshments?  The group decided against having the open house or refreshments.
  1. Program for the spring—Memorial Garden and sign dedication:  Perhaps this can be scheduled on the Memorial Day weekend along with a dedication of the new sign.  Historic Sites Tour:  No discussion.
  1. Plymouth Communities exhibit back up on wall?  We do want to get this done over the winter.
  1. Request to town for $400- review, approve letter:   Going to town clerk at end of November

Next Meeting Date—January 2017?  This will have to happen after the audit is completed, but Thursday, January 12, 2017 was decided on.

Adjournment:  8:30 p.m.

Joy Donnelly