Sept 22, 2016

Plymouth Historical Society

Present:  Betsy Tonkin, Kathy Lynds, Mike Clark, Midge Tucker, Barb Lurie

Secretary report –  Joy will have to do next time as she is not here.

Treasurer’s Report

$1504.83 in CD

Interest was .90 total of $1505.93

Check $3784.20; plus $778.00 minus (450.00) =   Total $4112.20

Includes $50 membership to LPT-TV

Betsy to make sure tax exempt is current at staples.

Irene update

Irene fund    $1221.60   minus (300.00)    =   $921.18

Orders from Sat and Sunday Irene Showing.  39 0rders      206 + 232 = 438 + 1 membership for a deposit of $690. 17 more orders

Betsy – ok to transfer from HS account to Irene account proceeds for DVD’s. $438 transferred now – still bills to be paid.  Will need the revenue from the DVD’s for Irene expenses.

LPC-TV contract: $3000;  already paid $2500 so we still owe them $500. In the contract with them they get 15% of revenue of the DVD’s for the 1st year.

Upped amount to 175 DVD’s for the 1st run.

Irene Committee propose after 1st run up the price to $1395 – including shipping. Cost per DVD is $7 or $8 each w/setup.  After the initial will be $3 per DVD. The group voted to keep the price of the DVD at $10.

DVD’s expected 1-2 weeks as of Monday.  Only a few days at the end of Sept.  to put together and get mailed out.

Sandy said she is willing to have DVD’s picked-up at the town office. If paid for mail will mail.  Others pick up at town office.

Bill Jenny said he will take some on consignment at the Coolidge site. Midge – better to have them prepay for the then to give on consignment.   That way they can just keep to proceeds when sell them.  Betsy will discuss with Bill

250 inserts printed. We had to pay to re-print the inserts at Vista Printing due to error.

Robert paid part of Salt Ash dinner as a donation. Salt Ash dinner – 13 people attended.  Nice job.

Need a link on the website to purchase on line.  PayPal. Check or money order. Find out how to add PayPal to our website for them. Notification via email when a deposit is made.  Linked to the bank acct. Barb will need password to check

LPT-TV = Patrick wants to know if he can air the firm on his channel – has had several requests. Also press release when airs the film –   Contact the Plymouth Historical Society. DISCUSSION:  it is advertising for LPT-TV. Decided to tell Patrick   After Oct 2nd can put on LPT-TV.  Midge’s # for purchase then if a schedule of airing times will let them know when we get it on the website.

Announcement on town database –  or contact list.  Blind copy to all those who came that we have email addresses for.


COMMUNITY CENTER SIGN –  on agenda till spring.  Nothing at this time.  Design picked out and Matt Harootunian is creating an estimate.  Will get 2-3 estimates on cost of sign to present to the Select Board.

  • Distance from the road – same as old sign.
  • Between the trees
  • Size of letters for readability from road
  • VTRAN to get back to Midge

There is a formula for miles per hour traveled to check on letter size.  Will check with Awesome Graphics.

Banners and Maps – table

Logo – Tim Sink can pay with ideas.

Apple Festival – Aldridge house –  Oct 1st. Exhibit – school display – Barb and Betsy. Mike will see if he is available. Refreshments –  Cider and donut holes. Betsy will get the donuts and cider.  Can have hot or cold depending on the weather.

MEMORY GARDEN- Midge will need assistance.  Let us all know when you want to work on it. Pavers around outside in spring – move rocks to make it bigger.  – around Oct 15th.


NEW BUSINESS – Alarm issue. Alarm is going off with power outages.  2 things about alarm – auto reset when power comes back on? No one on call list got a call.  Will find out from Al why.  Give Lauren a code so she can reset.

Website update – add as a rolling agenda item


Oct Museum sitting








Next meeting Oct 20, 7 pm