October 20, 2016

Call to order: 7:00 pm at the community center

Present:  Betsy Tonkin, Barb Lurie, Midge Tucker

Secretary/Treasurer’s reports report: deferred until next meeting

Discussed possibly changing banks (Berkshire)- too many hassles with People’s . If we decide to do this, it should be done the first part of January 2017. Expenses should be minimal. New checks would have to be issued.

Membership units: one new membership from Irene film debut

Old Business:

  1. Collection Committee: looking for volunteers to help with accessioning over the winter- probably on a few Saturdays; will bring up at next meeting.
  2. re-do banner and reprint/laminate 1869 map- tabled until next meeting; who will do these?
  3. logo- discussed second rendition from Tim Sink; consensus was the original was better- could use some definition/outlining to enhance the image- Betsy will talk with Tim
  4. Memorial Garden- Midge and Bruce have prepped the soil and will plant bulbs soon; Midge explained the design. More perennials will be planted in the spring for all season blooming. She will announce at town meeting the process for purchasing the pavers (~$25). Bench with a plaque dedication for Eliza Ward will be place facing the garden. Thanks to Midge and Bruce for the idea and implementation!
  5. website and pay pal link for DVD- Betsy will ask Jen/Jay Flaster for help with this
  6. Irene DVDs- 50 more were order from Subatomic and are ready for pick up. Patrick Cody may do this. The restocking for holiday giving was announced in the Plymouth Press, Front Porch Forum and the face book page. Sandie Small has offered to have the DVDs available for sale on election day as well. Once 125 DVDs have been sold, any future revenue will be deposited to the Historical Society account. The Irene account will be closed. LPCTV will be given 15% of the proceeds for one year per contract. Future shipping charges will be $3.00/DVD

New Business:

  1. program for the spring- tabled to next meeting
  2. website update- Betsy will ask Jen/Jay Flaster for help with the Word Press: adding new pages, adding info to existing pages, changing the slide show, perhaps offering a “gift shop” link for purchasing the DVD/1869 map, photographs, and other souvenirs
  3. Plymouth Communities exhibit back up on wall- winter project; bring up at next meeting
  4. request for $400 from the town- Betsy will submit the letter in Nov.
  5. audit- Midge will have the financials ready mid January for the audit committee; the 2016 audit will be completed before January’s 2017 meeting at the end of the month for approval by the membership present.
  6. trigger point for re-ordering DVDs- 10, since turn around time is usually short
  7. museum is now closed for the winter: access by appointment or calling the number on the website; announced in the Plymouth Press, Front Porch Forum and on the face book page

Next Meeting Date: November 17th at 7 PM. This will be the last meeting of 2016.

Betsy Tonkin (for Joy Donnelly, Sec.)